"I have been seeing Jessica for over two years and I am happy with her professional technique and cleanliness of her area. My lashes are very fragile and I understand that the extensions won't stay on for weeks at a time. Therefore, I try to go in every couple of weeks or so. I too worked full time 8-5 everyday and Jessica is very accommodating and gives me choices to pick from.  

I have only known her to work her clients in as best as possible and she has evening hours as well.  I've seen her in the evenings and on Saturdays. I have been to two other lash specialists; the first put heavy twins on with too much glue, the second was through Groupon and she put on extensions that were too short and fell out within a week.  In summary, I will continue to see Jessica unless I don't want extensions anymore."~by JoAnn L. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"5 Stars!!! Jessica only takes about an hour to do a full new set. She's very easy to talk to, is thorough with her work and is priced well below her competitors. I highly recommend going to see her!"~from Amy Marie Gutzke‎ to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"I love getting my lashes done here so much. she genuinely cares about her clientele and giving them beautiful lashes. i listen to all of her advice and fall more and more in love with my lashes everyday. i couldn't imagine not having them now! the price is unbeatable too. I love her work so much!! I will continue to get my lashes done here! thanks for boosting my confidence and giving me the lashes i've always dreamed of!"~from Janelle J to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"Update: I went in for a retouch after a month. Even though a month passed, I still had lots of lashes left! In my past experiences, they would be all gone within 2.5 to 3 week. Highly recommended!! She took time to refill my lashes :)

Old post: I am SO glad that I found Jessica! Her schedule was flexible so I was able to fit the appointment in after my work hours. I showed her pictures of the lashes style I wanted and she gave me her opinions and helped me pick out the best look for my eyes. The full set extensions look about an hour and a half. The room was warm and quite so I was able to sleep during the process. After I woke up, my lashes were super long and pretty!! She took time to explain to me how I should take care of my lashes. The day after I got my extensions, I went to work and I got SO many compliments!! Thank you, Jessica!! Highly recommended!!!!"~from Hannah M to Lashes Plus by Jessica. 

"Go here, seriously. I got eyelash extensions and could not be more pleased with my experience. This woman is extremely educated in what she does and making you feel comfortable and responding in a proper manner. She proves she is a wonderful person to do business with. Not only was the communication great but my eyelashes look wonderful. No more mascara for me for quite awhile! (Updated I've been a satisfied regular for 1+ years)

Another update! Jessica is only getting better, blessed to get my eyelashes done for so long by here. She is precise and meticulous."~by Sierra D. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"I started seeing Jessica almost a year ago. She's personable and makes you feel very comfortable. Her schedule is flexible and her rates are reasonable. She treats me like a princess and I always feel beautiful after seeing her. Jessica is the only person to get lashes from in Portland!!!"~by T. B. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"Getting ready has never been easier! Jessica is a true mastermind behind eyelashes. She is very clean, precise and really fun to talk with.  I have nice eyelashes to begin with but they are more blonde and it takes a good ten minuets in the morning to get my eyelashes full with mascara, which I always have issues with. Before seeing Jessica I was nervous of getting false eyelashes because I didn't want to seem to made up or look like I was wearing fake eyelashes. I couldn't believe the difference, I wake up and I look completely ready to go, glamours yet still subtle. You couldn't even tell I had blonde lashes under. I have returned to her many times for fills and new sets. Mine lasted about 4-5 weeks. Jessica is also great with communication, I could book with her via text and she always made time for me when I needed her."~by J. R. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"I started going to Jessica for my lashes awhile ago, and I must say she is very professional, quick, and reasonably priced. I love the way my lashes look afterwards, full, thick, and long lasting. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants permanent  lashes for a good deal!"~by Jessica A. to Lashes Plus by Jessica. 

"I've been seeing Jessica for a few months now and was new to extensions when I met her.

I can't say how glad I am to have found Jessica on Groupon.  She has been very educational about the maintenance and how to extend the life of my eyelash extensions.  She has always been extra accommodating scheduling and rescheduling when needed.

I am happy to refer everyone to her because her quality and prices.

She is a hidden gem."~by C. M. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"Been going to other places that charges me 70 for every two weeks!.... but lashes plus is so much more affordable and quick. SPEED she got them done so quick and it's not a sloppy job. I wanted bigger and she gave me bigger!! Thanks Jessica!"~from Lisa K. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"Jessica is amazing! Very knowledgeable, communicative, and friendly. Genuinely very skilled in her craft. I absolutely love the service she provided and cannot wait to go back. I'd recommend her to anyone."~by C.R. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"Jessica did an amazing job and she's very knowledgeable about lashes! You don't have to tell her much, she already knows what will look good on you. I was very happy with my lashes once they were done, and it's totally worth the price. She's also so nice and will give you a complimentary eyebrow wax or lip wax when you go get your lashes filled or getting a new full set. I totally recommend her!"~by Sunnie S. to Lashes Plus by Jessica. 

"Jessica has been doing my eyelashes for about 8 months and does an AMAZING job.  It is clear that she takes her craft seriously, is always looking for ways to improve her service like attending trade conferences to learn about industry advancements.  She uses quality product and my lashes ALWAYS look fabulous.  I work out intensely and frequently, I am outdoors in the elements, I am active and thereby my eyelashes are too, and Jessica's lashes go the distance with me.  

Please know that because Jessica takes her work seriously, and eyelashes are a delicate thing, meaning they require caution and care on the part of the wearer, that if you aren't up for the maintenance, youre going to get a little talk regarding the importance of caring for lashes.  

Shes also quite funny, I always look forward to our appointments.  :)"~by Allison V. to Lashes Plus by Jessica. 

"Jessica is amazing. She did a great Job for my wedding."~by Christina B. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"Jessica has been doing an amazing job! When I first came to her I realized how much she knows about lashes and what looks best. 
I have nice lashes but they don't have much of a natural curl. I am always on the go and sometimes don't have time to deal with makeup. Having the eyelash extension makes going makeup less amazing. 
Jessica is a kind individual and makes you feel comfortable each and every time. 
She is always very responsive to text or phone calls and will do what she can do get me in even if I am calling last minute. 
I have NO plans to go to anyone else! I highly recommend her!~by Yecenia M. to Lashes Plus by Jessica. 

"Oh sure, eyelash extensions are super low maintenance. Yeah, I look and feel sexy as hell with them. The difference with Jessica is that she is a meticulous and honest powerhouse. She takes her time to make sure each and every lash is perfect, and she's got knowledge that only comes with a lot of experience. She told me that she doesn't promote "mink" versus synthetic lashes because, unlike food and healthcare, lash products don't have an FDA or governing body to test that they are, in fact, what they claim to be. She said anyone can claim to have "real mink" lashes, but no one truly knows what animal they even come from.

Her bedside manner is professional and her heart is warm. She is so well-groomed and well-dressed - the woman is seriously put together. I've been going to Jessica for almost a year now, and it is the one beauty improvement that makes the biggest difference in my day. Thanks, Jessica!!"~by Hannah R. to Lashes Plus by Jessica.

"I started seeing Jessica at Beyond Beauty for eyelash extensions about 6 months ago. I had never had lash extensions and was very nervous. She really impressed me with her professionalism and knowledge of lash extensions. Jessica uses the best quality lashes and glue. I've seen her every 3-4 weeks for a fill since my initial appointment.  I love my lashes. I wouldn't dare let anyone else get that close to my eyes. I would strongly recommend seeing Jessica if you're considering eyelash extension. She's great!"~by Rhiann D to Lashes Plus by Jessica.


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