Eyelash Extensions 101


Most people have wondered what the eyelash extension meaning? It is actually similar to hair extensions. Eyelash extensions are used to add thickness, length, fullness to your eyelashes. It is defined as a technique to create natural beautiful looking of longer, thicker and bold eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fiber polyester thread-like materials. Our lash extensions used are not real mink. Because there is so difficult to get real mink and also too expensive. We have a device to detect whether or not diamonds are real, but we do not have a device to test if the mink hair is real. Thus, we do not know if it belongs to a fox, dog, cat mice and so forth. Due to this lack of knowledge, we do not want to provide false information to clients. Also, if we were using real mink hair, the more animals would be killing.

We are state board licensed professional and very experienced to apply artificial lashed to your individual eyelashes. Our technique is so unique that your lashes look so natural, weightless, and gorgeous. Our glue products are medical grade and odorless. Our lashes are different in curves, lengths, thicknesses and colors for you to choose like from thin and natural, long and dramatic or thick and lushes. The whole process is so relaxing in smoothing music that most clients falls asleep during the procedure and wake up in new beauty.

After having your eyelash extensions applied professionally, you shouldn't feel any difference. They are resistant to swim or shower. Some of them can last up to 2 months. 



  • No using lashes growth serums three days before the procedure
  • No eye make up or mascara; if has, remove all traces of makeup around the eyes with oil-free makeup remover and rinse the lashes with warm water
  • No curl lashes prior to treatment
  • No contact lens 



After the application of eyelash extensions, please wait at lest 4 hours before any water contact to your eye area. To keep your new lashes looking lush and beautiful for as long as possible, please follow these instructions.

Do not:

  • Steam face, use steam/sauna, or swim within the first 2 days after application
  • Perm/tint the extensions
  • Use an eyelash curler
  • Rub, pick, pull out, or play with extensions
  • Get close to heated appliances such as: ovens and hair dryers
  • Use lashes growth serums three days later

Please Do:

  • Use oil-free make-up remover (when doing so, please use cotton swabs to carefully clean up around the eyes area)
  • Separate/comb lashes from middle to tip
  • Use goggles for swimming and sauna 
  • Use contact lens solution and eye drops if needed (they won't harm your extensions)
  • Rinse your lashes at least every other day by flashing water up to your lashes area

For TV, photos, and special events:

  • Apply eyeliner above and away from the roots of your extensions
  • Apply only non-waterproof or water-based mascara from middle to the tip of the lashes



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